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Continuously Honoring the Memory of Sgt. Ferguson

About Keith

Keith A. Ferguson was a native New Yorker and member of the NYPD Emergency Services Unit, Truck 7. Keith served with the NYPD for 17 years as a patrolman, detective, and sergeant. He worked in narcotics, street crimes, auto crimes, Midtown South, and the 1st and 67th precincts before the ESU. Once Keith decided to pursue this career, he never looked back and was indeed a happy police officer.

Sgt. Keith Ferguson

Family Background

Keith was the first grandchild for both sides. His grandparents thought he was the host with the most, and his maternal grandfather referred to him as the "Sultan". He adored his aunts, and they returned the sentiment. Keith was also his father's (Victor) best friend and identified as an "unabashed mama's boy" by his brother (Laird).

Educational History

He went to school in New York City and at Church Farm School in Paoli, Pennsylvania. Keith was an athlete who excelled in track and field events at The School at Church Farm. He did not play sports in college, but managed one of the teams as a part of his scholarship employment. His higher education was completed at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania and John Jay College in New York City.

Personal Interest

Keith had a severe case of wanderlust. He traveled to all the countries in Western Europe and countries in the former Soviet Bloc, as well as Australia, Venezuela, Cuba, St. Kitts, Aruba, St. Barts, Saba, St. Martin, Serbia, Croatia, and Jamaica.